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This blog will be a collection of inspiring bits and pieces of art & design, photography, short films, music videos, and other curiosities.


Masataka Nakano: Tokyo Nobody

I encountered Masataka Nakano's book Tokyo Nobody while in Japantown, SF. I was amazed at the large scale photographs void of people and the irony that they were taken in Tokyo, Japan a highly populated major city.
Click here for an interview with Nakano.

Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig combines photography and graphic elements to create a striking visual.
Click here to view his website.

Kevin Lucius

Kevin Lucius is a designer who incorporates photographs with simple designs and a sense of humor.
Click here to view his online portfolio.

Awkward Etsy

Awkward hand makes each tiny jellyfish and sells them on Etsy.
Click here to visit her Etsy shop online.

Bernd & Hilla Becher

Bernd & Hilla Becher, German photographers, were famous for their series photos of buildings and industry that was becoming outdated throughout Europe.
Click Here for more information about the Bechers.