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This blog will be a collection of inspiring bits and pieces of art & design, photography, short films, music videos, and other curiosities.


Sand Sculpture 2011: Magical Moments Festival of Disneyland Paris

The 2011 Sand Sculpture theme is Disneyland Paris, Magical Moments. Classic Disney characters and well known attractions from the park have been rendered in the medium of sand for a grand walkthrough display in Blankenberge.
Click Here to take a virtual tour of the exhibit.


Fur Kids

Animal Planet's show, Must Love Cats, did a segment on John who has handmade $10,000 worth of walkways, stairways, and cozy living areas for his cats that connect all over and through the rooms in his house. Not only do his woodworking skills show beautiful and creative craftsmanship but also a fantastic spectacle of devotion to his family of cats known as the Fur Kids. I think this guy and his house are just amazing.
Click Here to watch a video about John and his house.



The documentary Objectified talks about design in everyday life, how every single thing is in some way designed, and really makes you think about the world in a different way. We watched this movie in one of my classes and if you ever get the chance I highly recommend this film.
Click Here to find out more about the film.


Pavel Sidorenko

Pavel Sidorenko, among other design works, cuts out old vinyl records and turns them into trendy clocks.
Click Here to visit his store.


Tim Burton: Vincent

Tim Burton's stop-motion film Vincent is such a genius piece with morbid humor. I hadn't seen it before going to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA since it is one of his earlier works, but it really left an impression on me.

"He doesn't mind living with his sister, dog, and cats, though he'd rather share a home with spiders and bats."

Click Here to view the LACMA exhibit website.


Font Conference

So this is a funny video from College Humor TV about the personalities behind different fonts. Entertaining for graphic designers especially.
Click Here to view more videos from College Humor.



Meppol is a photographer living in Italy who takes beautiful pictures often with a humorous twist. These are some shots from her ongoing Wall-E series.
Click Here to view Meppol's photoblog.-


Tomoko Maruyama

I discovered Tomoko Maruyama when in Japantown SF. I really love her simplistic illustrations and especially her SF series since I love the city.
Click Here to view her webpage.


This is an old favorite short video made by Madyeti47.
Click Here to view her other movies on youtube.