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This blog will be a collection of inspiring bits and pieces of art & design, photography, short films, music videos, and other curiosities.


Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is best known for his music but has also gained recognition as a painter. He has created his own art movement named, Celebritarian, in mockery of the fact that people will buy his paintings because he is a celebrity. However, I believe he does have skill especially in his watercolours and I quite enjoy his technique and subject matter.

"We will sell our shadow to those who stand within it."

Click Here to learn more about the Celebritarian Corporation.


Latte Art is a website collection of latte art, submitted and rated by users all over the globe.
Click Here to view their site.

Phil Hansen: Mona Greasa

Phil Hansen does a performance piece using burger grease to paint the Mona Lisa.
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Jannepaint does tons of light paintings, both beautiful and creepy.
Click Here to view Jannepaint's Flickr stream.

Free Crappy Portraits

Free Crappy Portraits is a group of artists that poke fun at fine art and create free not-so-crappy portraits of people who submit photos and and a mini bio about themselves.
Click Here to view the Free Crappy Portraits blog.


Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya creates sculptures on a large and small scale using Lego bricks.
Click Here to see his website.